Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Feel Good Church

So recently I went to a church service that was almost identical to this video. But the problem was I didn't feel right after the service. Maybe that is the whole problem with some churches today. What I mean is that I had the overwhelming feeling that I have to "feel good" when I leave the church doors every Sunday. As this video shows I come to church with the mentality of wanting to be entertained rather than growing in Christ and being challenged apart from the church building. We become attracted at the lights and cool solos and funny speakers. But this is all at a shallow level. The "Feel Good Church" is individualistic and does not require you to step outside of your comfort zone that Christ all-to-often calls for us to leave. I didn't feel right because I knew that I just sat through an hour of an alluring presentation that really did not challenge me. I want to be the Church in the world, not just at some building everyone meets at on Sundays. And when I go to that meeting place each week, I want to grow and fellowship with others about our walks with Christ. If it sounds like I am searching for the perfect church I'll never find one. What I am searching for in the churches I attend is a sense of community as the body of Christ. I want to come together on Sundays with fellow believers, worship and grow in Christ as a community, and then be the Church out in the world. Christ loves the Church and so do I. This is why I am concerned about its future.

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  1. LOL! Great video clip JT. You hit the nail on the head. Really food blog, new fan.